The following are a collection of recent articles published in the healthcare and security industry press where Richard has authored, co-authored, contributed to, or been cited.

How to Mitigate COVID-19’s Impact on Device Security and Patient Safety, Health IT Security Feb 2021



Richard Staynings, Chief Security Strategist, Cylera Discusses Recent Ransomware Attacks, Enterprise Security Oct 2020

What Stands in the Way of Healthcare Blockchain Adoption? DevPro Journal Sep 2020

La seguridad de los nuevos dispositivos médicos de IoT, en entredicho Network World, Espania Sep 2020

최신 기기가 구형보다 더 취약하다?' 의료 IoT에 대한 2가지 시선 원문보기? CIO Korea, Jul 2020

Are newer medical IoT devices less secure than old ones? NetworkWorld, Jul 2020

The rapidly evolving world of Medical IoT., IIoT World, Jul 2020

How healthcare is vulnerable to cyber attacks, assassinations and geopolitical agendas, The Sociable, Jul 2020

The vast promise & and major challenges of healthcare AI, Healthcare IT News, Mar 2020


Hospitals embracing IoT must be prepared to secure a decentralized environment, Mobile Health News, Dec 2019

How Healthcare Organizations Use AI to Boost and Simplify Security, HealthTech, Nov 2019

Combating AI Cyberattacks that learn as they go, Healthcare IT News, Nov 2019

How provider organizations can prepare cybersecurity incident response and recovery, Healthcare IT News, Nov 2019

Personal Data in Health and Cybersecurity, HIMSS Eurasia 19, Oct 2019

Healthcare Cybersecurity & the Impact of AI and IoT-related Threats, Australian Health IT, Sept 2019

No digital healthcare without cybersecurity, HIMSS Insights, Sept 2019

Healthcare Cybersecurity & The Impact of AI, IoT-related Threats, Healthcare IT News, Sept 2019

Why patient safety should include protecting their data, Healthcare Finance, Jun 2019

Aligning Security with Patient Safety: 8 Insights for Healthcare Cybersecurity by Healthcare Cybersecurity Pros, Bricata, May 2019

Why information security should be every hospital CEO's No. 2 priority (at least right now), Health IT Security, Apr 2019

Medical Device Cybersecurity: Risk, Patching and Plutonium, Owl Cyber Defense, Mar 2019

Public Report of the Committee of Inquiry (COI) into the cyber attack on Singapore Health Services Private Limited Patient Database, Jan 2019


Healthcare IT News Australia wins global awards, Health IT Security, Dec 2018

Healthcare's Most Wired: National Trends 2018, CHIME, Nov 2018

Your Ethical Manifesto, AEHIS, AEHIA, AEHIT, Nov 2018

Health Information Breach Brings Record Settlement, Renal & Urology News, Nov 2018

Clearwater Says New National Survey Findings: A Wake-up Call for Health System Cybersecurity, MarketWatch, Oct 2018

Risk Posed By 3rd-Party Services Is Big Healthcare Security Worry, Health IT Security, Oct 2018

Innovation foundation: Smart data governance is a team sport, DLIT, Sept 2018

Device Makers Combating Cyber Risks to Patient Health, Bloomberg Law, Aug 2018

Clearwater Compliance Names Veteran Strategists to Address, Prioritize Urgency Around Hospitals' Cybersecurity Management, Taiwan News, Apr 2018

Cybersecurity Deserves Increased Attention in Deal Negotiations, Warren Averett, Jan 2018



Cybersecurity Deserves Increased Attention in Deal Negotiations, BDO, Dec 2017

Future-proofing security: Protecting against the new arsenal of weaponized malware, Healthcare IT News, Dec 2017

Answer to CEO’s sleepless nights: CISO, Becker's Hospital Review, Nov 2017

Analysis: What's in an FDA recall?, Healthcare IT News, Sept 2017

The game-changing path to an unprecedented pacemaker recall, Healthcare IT News Australia, Sept 2017

Risk of hacking leads to unprecedented pacemaker recall, Healthcare IT News Australia, Sept 2017

We still haven’t solved the health care cybersecurity problem, Axios, Aug 2017

Medical devices at greater risk from threatened hacker data dump, Healthcare IT News Australia, May 2017

WannaCry Malware and Medical Device Security, KnobbeMedical, May 2017

Patients kept in the dark about breaches to their medical records, Healthcare IT News Australia, May 2017

WannaCry highlights worst nightmare in medical device security, Healthcare IT News, May 2017

Vast majority of patients have no idea how vulnerable they are, OIA News, April 2017

Life support for public healthcare IT, Technology Decisions, Feb 2017

Insecure healthcare organisations don’t even know they’re being hacked, CSO Australia, Feb 2017


Bitcoins or we start executing patients, My Express, Nov 2016

No Idea How Vulnerable They Are,, Nov 2016

Senior Cyborgs, Tech Republic, October 2016


헬스케어 산업 사이버 공격에 대처하는 우리의 자세^^ 시스코 코리아 블로그, May 2015

Gov't offices big targets for cyber spying attempts, Vietnam, March 2015

Các nguy cơ mất an toàn dữ liệu: chiến lược và giải pháp, Security Daily, March 2015

Khai mạc Hội thảo - Triển lãm Quốc gia về An ninh Bảo mật 2015, VTV News, March 2015

Combating Cybercrime in the Healthcare Industry, Asian Hospital and Healthcare Management, 2015


Cut Your Security Risk, Molecular Imagaing, May 2014

Healthcare And Cybersecurity, CSC World, Apr 2014


New Healthcare New Risks, CSC World Summer 2013

How Hospitals Can Immunize Against Hackers, CSC World Winter 2013